1. Do you have reviews?
A: Yes my Ter ID is #330513
2. Are your rates negotiable?
 A: No and please do not insult me by trying to barter. During my career as a courtesan I find the “gentlemen” who bargain with me are almost always the most difficult and disagreeable clients, and not the type that I care to work with. Seeing a lady is a privilege not a right.
3. Can we spend time together outside of the session?
 A: While I may very well enjoy our time together, I have precious limited free time and bills to pay therefore I must be compensated for any and all time spent together. I will treat you like the king that you are during our time together, however our personal lives must be kept separate and this is still strictly business. If you are looking for something more than that, then a girlfriend might be more for you. Although I do offer dinner date  and accompaniment to functions/events for a donation, inquire within!
4. Are your photos real/current?
 A: my photos are me and recent, but dont take my word for it, check out my reviews! Ter #330513
5. How much notice do you need?
 A: the more notice you give me the more likely I can accommodate you. I can accommodate same day appointments in Connecticut for both incall and out. However for outcalls to New York City, Rhode Island, Massachusetts & New Hampshire. I need atleast 24 hours notice. If you are not yet able to commit to a certain time but would like to be able to make an appointment on short notice, you can always prescreen for faster future booking.
I am Always checking my emails and will reply promptly, my phone # will be provided after you have been screened.
6. How do I screen?
 A: This info can be entered in the screening form (in the screening form i also want a question for outfit preferences) P411 memberships and Ter whitelists are the quickest and easiest ways to screen.
Simply message me from your p411 account or your Ter whitelisted account. If you are not a member of either site, you can either have 2 provider references, work/employment info (a number or work email I can reach you at at your place of employment), or for retired/ self employed gents, a picture of your photo id (nothing blurred/hidden), and then a second photo of you holding the ID next to your face.
For outcalls at residences I will require a picture of a piece of mail (or photo id) showing your name and the address id be going to.
For hotels I will require the full name of the registered guest to be connected to your room. Screening is done to insure my safety and that of my friends.
Please do not suggest “meeting in public” in lieu of proper screening, I cannot gauge someones safety just by talking to them for a few minutes in a coffee shop. No amount of money is worth my safety.
7. Do you accommodate newbies?”
A: I do! Welcome to the hobby, I am honored to be chosen for your first time. With my vast experience in adult entertainment and my psychology background; I will be able to put you at ease and make this a wonderful experience for both of us.
8. But I cant screen! I’m married/have a super important position/ I’m too nervous etc.
 A. So you feel more comfortable seeing a provider who doesn’t bother to try and create a safe environment and is more vulnerable to unwanted parties contacting her because she doesn’t screen her clients? I guarantee you a girl who is so careless about her own safety that she doesn’t screen her clients sure doesn’t care about yours. I am not interested in nosing into your personal life, just on keeping myself safe. This is not up for debate or discussion, do not contact me if you are not willing to screen properly. I provide several screening options to best suit your needs. If I find any info you give me to be untrue and deceptive I will end all contact and block you.
9. How do I book an appointment?
 A:By filling out my screening form, incomplete forms will not be answered. You can also send the same info via email if you are having difficulty with the screening form. Phone number will be provided after you have been screened. If you are unsure of a time you want to meet, I recommend prescreening for faster future booking.
10. Outcall friends, I will not give anyone rides to the ATM , I am not a taxi service. It is your responsibility to have your donation ready when I arrive, or when you come to me.
A few more thoughts to ensure our time together is enjoyable for us both:
1. Please do not contact me to argue about my rates or screening policies, if they do not work for you, contact another lady who will more suit your needs. As you can see by my reviews I have a stellar reputation and am not about to risk ruining my reputation nor yours. All screening information is kept strictly confidential and will be disposed of after you are verified. I will not hold onto your phone number or email unless you ask me to to notify you of my availability/schedule.
2. Please have the donation ready in an unsealed envelope and put it on the counter top without any discussion, please do not make me ask for it. Lets quickly get business out of the way so we can have fun!
3. Please do not grope me before laying the donation out, a hug and a kiss is fine, but please keep it pg13 prior to donation being left out.
4. Do not ask for additional pictures I will not send them. If you are concerned about my authenticity please read my reviews on TER.
5. Do not use computer generated numbers for contact in my screening form, it will be checked, if it is a computer generated # you will be redirected to fill out the form again with your real registered cell phone.
6. Do not show up intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.
7. Verbal or physical abuse if any kind will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and blacklisted.
8. Most of all, have fun! Leave your troubles at the door and escape to my little fantasy land ;).
I understand that things come up in life that make cancellations unavoidable. However due to the time it takes to set aside for our appointment and the other inquiries I likely turned away to accommodate you, I do enforce a non negotiable cancellation policy
Cancellations with more than 48 hour notice will incur no penalty. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice but more than 24 hours notice will require 50% of the session donation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will require full payment of the agreed upon donation. Cancellation fees must be paid within 48 hours of our cancelled meeting. While I only use blacklist sites to report the most serious offenses, refusal to pay my cancellation fee will force me to utilize these lists.
I will accommodate lateness to the best of my ability and will give you your full time if I have no commitments afterwards, however if I have another appointment or commitment I will unfortunately be unable to extend your appt if you are late.
 ” That being said, give me as much notice for cancellations as possible, no calls/no shows will never be rescheduled. My time is every bit as valuable as yours, so lets please respect each others time.”
Other rules: Donation is for time and companionship, no explicit/inappropriate language.
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