Two sets of hands are better than one. I have two lovely friends who can join us for doubles.

Want a busty blonde n brunette sandwich? Meet the lovely Sexy Jenna. We love what we do it and it shows. We can pamper you together, or you can watch us in action, the options are endless. We are not for the faint of heart.

Or do you desire the ultimate kink of being with a man? Meet my dashingly handsome Italian Stallion friend Michael Antonios. Whether you wish to be a cuckold or you want to try out your bisexual fantasies with a woman present, we will be the perfect treat for you. 

“Have you been a bad boy? Do you desire to be under the control of two gorgeous ladies? Meet my friend GiGi Amour, we specialize in double Domme sessions although vanilla is welcome as well.”



Michael Antonios

Gigi Amour

©2019 Colleen Rose

Taken By Storm